Public Works, Underground Utilities, Street Lighting, Nonprofit

From transportation to recreation, security to utilities, the vital components of our bustling cities are nothing without the energy needed to power them. We’ve served over 20 cities throughout Southern California, providing electrical contracting services for the municipal projects that inject life into their vibrant neighborhoods. Parks and recreation facilities, airports, roadways, utilities, nonprofit centers—projects like these are the lifeblood of any great city. We’re proud to keep them alive and kicking with all things electrical: infrastructure, distribution, lighting, and more.

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Sports Lighting, Arenas, Stadiums, Aquatic Centers

For more than two decades, sports lighting has been our signature service—our “ace in the hole,” if you will. We’re known throughout Southern California as the go-to guys for the electrical contracting that brings this region’s spectacular sporting events to life. From the lighting towers and fixtures that illuminate every great play to the emergency generators and fire systems that keep the spectators safe, we do it all. Beyond the action on the field, we provide electrical for field houses, locker rooms, press boxes, concession buildings, scoreboards, sound systems, and more.

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Offices, Manufacturing, Labs, Hotels, Site and Area Lighting

Bringing the world to life means keeping the wheels of commerce turning. At Ace, we’re dedicated to do our part. Our commercial services are designed to ensure your project meets the most basic goals of the commercial sector: on time and within budget. Whether it’s the electrical infrastructure that’s the heart of your project or custom fixtures and arrays designed to showcase the beauty of its design, we’ve got you covered. Systems like fire alarms, security, safety, data, telephone and television, and the customized controls to keep them all humming—we bring the commercial world to life with expert precision.

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Colleges, Universities, Schools

Ensuring that today’s students become tomorrow’s brightest minds requires a lot of energy these days. Ace Electric is proud to make certain that modern educational facilities have all the power they need to provide budding minds with technology, safety, communication, and cultural enrichment. We’ve worked with school districts throughout Southern California, providing infrastructure, lighting, data cabling, emergency power and safety systems, and more. And because the minds of tomorrow can’t afford to wait today, we often do so without interrupting school sessions.

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Apartments, RV Parks, Residential Facilities

The comforts of home aren’t so comfortable without safe, reliable energy to power them. At Ace, we bring homes to life with electrical contracting services for multi-family residential projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s the modernization or expansion of an existing facility or the realization of a new one, our services ensure it comes to life on budget and in time. Electrical distribution, lighting, safety systems, telephone/data/CATV cabling, and more—there are certain things that make a structure a home. We help you bring them to life.

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